Hip Pain

A few years ago I had a hip replacement, surgery went well and I was back to normal in a few months.  Recently, I was having some pain in my other hip.  Someone had mentioned to me that I should try acupuncture.  I was hesitant about going but finally decided to give it a shot.  I am amazed that after only a few sessions I am pain free!  It was a wonderful experience!
Mr. B,

Back and hip pain

I had acupuncture from Diana a few years ago. I had been suffering from intense back pain and lower back and hip nerve pain for years following a car accident. I belive i went once a week for approx 8 weeks for treatment. I am happy to say all my hip pain subsided and my back pain improved dramaticlly, I am just now again starting to have some nerve pain when sleeping on my side for prolonged periods of time and its been a little over 2 years since my last treatment. I absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Health & Wellness

Just a quick note to tell you how I feel about my Acupuncture experience.  I am so happy that I came to you with my health concerns.  Each condition I have mentioned to you has improved appreciably and some have even resolved completely.  Thank you!

My primary care doctor only looks at one issue at a time and I feel, never really sees me as a whole person. However, when I come to see you, you are interested in the whole me, what concerns I have, where I am experiencing difficulty and how you can make those issues better for me. 

Diana, I am so happy that I chose you to be an integral part of my wellness team and I consider you the “leader” because you always treat me with caring and kindness.

Thank You Diana from the bottom of my heart.

Fertility & Pregnancy

My name is Kerri Fletcher,I was seeking fertility treatment through acupuncture from Diana Fernandes before and through out my pregnancy.Prior to seeking treatment I had had a miscarriage and had trouble getting pregnant again.Within One and a half months of treatment I became pregnant.I was very happy and scared at the same time.Just didn't want to miscarry again.So I continued seeing Diana so she could help support my pregnancy.I continued with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy.When I was about 32 weeks my daughter was breached and if she was unable to turn on her own they were going to have to turn her at about 34 weeks if not I was going to have to schedule a c-section.Through acupuncture Diana was able to turn her.The next day after treatment I went to my Mid wife and they confirmed that she was no longer breached.So thanks to Diana and of course acupuncture I now have a beautiful healthy daughter!And would gladly seek treatment again for my next pregnancy!

Shoulder Pain

After taking the Turkey out of the oven that Thanksgiving, I thought that my shoulder injury would eventually get better, but the strain of that, coupled with carrying heavy bags on my shoulder over a long period of time had done their damage.  For a year I suffered shoulder pain to the extent that I could not put my arm behind my back, pull up my pants, put on a sweater or coat, lift my arm above my shoulder or push or pull with my left arm without a lot of pain.   I had an ache in my arm to the tips of my fingers continually and was popping ibuprofen to take the edge off and make it through the work day.   An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed it as rotator cuff injury and gave me (painful) exercises with large rubber bands and it was not helping.  I thought I would have to have an operation, but I really resisted that option because I know several people who went through shoulder operations and they were never the same again. 

I consulted with Diana Fernandes, who had recently graduated from Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine School and am so glad I did.  In 16 pain-free visits, I was pain-free, could lift my arm high in the air, push and pull and use my arm fully without any pain at all.  It has been over two years with no problems. 

Diana was thorough in explaining everything to me about Acupuncture treatment; she was gentle, careful and very knowledgeable in her field.   I was fortunate to have insurance coverage for Acupuncture, but would definitely use Diana’s expertise even if I did not.  I highly recommend using Acupuncture for any and everything it can be utilized for in curing illness and injury and I would not hesitate to go to Diana for future needs.  This cure was more than positive; I learned much about Acupuncture and it was actually a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Thank you so much, Diana!  You are the best!

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