Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that began in China thousands of years ago and is still in practice to this day.

TCM includes:
  Chinese Herbal Medicine
  Chinese Nutrition 
  Adjunctive Therapies

Modern uses of Traditional Chinese Medicine include:
  Laser Acupuncture
  Electro Acupuncture

The body is viewed as an integrated system that must be functioning optimally to maintain health.  TCM works to keep temperature based energies, Yin and Yang, in balance. By maintaining proper levels of Yin and Yang in the body, and promoting the smooth flow of blood, the material basis of the body and Qi, the non-material basis of the body, many disorders can be prevented or treated.

Simply put, TCM works to regulate:
Temperature-the body must not be too hot or cold
        - Hot conditions: Fever, thirst, colors red and yellow such as in red face or yellow phlegm
        - Cold conditions: Feelings of cold, worse in cold weather, 
Fluids-the body must not be too damp or dry
        - Damp conditions: phlegm or mucous, feeling of heaviness, cloudy thinking
        - Dry conditions: Dry cough,  
Circulation - blood, the material basis of the body, and qi, the non-material basis of the body, must flow smoothly throughout the body
        - Blood stagnation:  color purple such as on the tongue or on the skin, sharp or stabbing pain, masses,
        - Qi stagnation: dull pain, irritability, bloating,
Deficiency or weakness:
        - Weak lung- shortness of breath, weak voice
        - Weak spleen- fatigue, loose stool
        - Weak kidney-night time urination, urgent urination, dull low back pain

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