Chinese Nutrition

Our Chinese nutritional approach is another means to support the body in living healthy. Not only do we have understanding in Chinese Nutrition, but various other nutritional systems that can be utilized to bring about the best treatment results.

What is Chinese Nutrition?

Chinese nutritional therapy provides an opportunity to use food as a means to regulate temperature, fluids and circulation in conjunction with acupuncture and herbal medicine thereby preventing and treating many conditions.

Chinese nutritional therapy is particularly effective in:

  • healthy weight management programs
  • digestive conditions
  • fatigue
  • sensation of heaviness in the body or cloudy mind

Dietary therapy will help to restore proper functioning of organ systems and channels. Dietary suggestions are based on the patient's individual pattern of disharmony and presenting symptoms. A food warmer in nature will work best to treat a patient with a cold condition. Some foods are drying by nature, and should be used in those who have damp accumulation or fluid retention.

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