Chinese Herbal Medicine
Our on site herbal pharmacy, consisting of 309 powdered extract medicinals, allows for quick and cost
effective herbal distribution. These herbs are combined in a custom formula to treat each individual patient
and their presenting condition.  With convenient access to this wealth of herbal medicinals, we have been
able to bring about significant improvements in the lives of our patients. We are also able to order patent
pills for those patients who wish not to consume powdered herbs.    

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine consists of using plant, animal and mineral substances in the form of
decoctions/teas, pills, plasters and topically to prevent or treat various conditions. Herbal medicine treats
the same conditions as acupuncture but is particularly beneficial for:

Skin Conditions
Women's Health 
Digestive Issues

These medicinals are generally given in powdered extract form as this is the most effective method of
administration. Various medicinals are combined creating a formula that is geared to treat a specific
condition. Chinese herbal medicine can be prescribed as a patent or as an individualized formula. Patent
herbs are prepackaged formulas in the form of pills. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to consume.
Individualized formulas are powdered decoctions/tea that one drinks twice daily. These formulas are
developed for that patient's unique presentation and tends to be stronger than those of patents. All of our
herbs are safe and purchased from reputable distributors only. Herbal medicine can be used alone or in
conjunction with acupuncture.

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