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Diana Fernandes Lic. Ac., M.A.O.M.

Board of Registration in Medicine

Diana is licensed by the Board of Registration in Medicine in the state of Massachusetts in 2007. 
License number: 233902

Traditional Chinese Medical practice

Diana currently practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Marlborough Wellness Center  in Marlborough and at The Metrowest Wellness Center in
Framingham. Diana dedicates her practice and life to those in need of medical attention.  She works diligently to provide the highest level of care by
incorporating the strengths of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern western medical findings.  

Volunteer work

Veteranís Outreach Center

Diana volunteers at the Veteranís Outreach Center in Marlborough providing free acupuncture to Veteranís suffering from PTSD and other post war conditions
from musculoskeletal pain to insomnia and stress.  Veteranís Outreach Center is located at 255 Main Street, Suite 213 Marlborough, MA 01752

Elder Community Collaborative

The Elder Community Collaborative (ECC), which meets at Marlborough Hospital, focuses on  projects that address the needs of the senior population.  The
ECC developed the File of Life which helps first responders access pertinent medical information needed to admit seniors in a crisis situation. The ECC also
developed the Caregivers Resource Guide, which helps seniors and caregivers understand extensive terminology and acronyms used in geriatric care.  The
ECC continually looks for needs of the senior population that need to be met. 

Grafton Community Harvest Project

Diana has volunteered with the Grafton Community Harvest Project a non-profit volunteer farming organization at the Brigham Hill Community Farm in North
Grafton where all the vegetables grown are donated to hunger relief organizations in in Central Massachesetts.

Dance Instructor 

Diana has volunteered as a dance instructor with children in the inner cities of New Bedford, Fall River and Worcester.  Through dance and creative
expression, Diana has had the opportunity to positively influence the youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams of a greater life through hard work
and dedication.


Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC)
As a member of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, Diana is able to develop relationships with local business owners and be proactive in the
business community of Marlborough.

Corrider Nine Chamber of Commerce
As a member of the Corrider Nine Chamber of Commerce Diana is able to develop relationships with local business owners and be proactive in the business
community of their core towns including Westborough, Southbrough, Northborough, Shrewsbury and Grafton.

Golden Triangle BNI
Diana is currently a member of and past treasurer of Golden Triangle Chapter of BNI where she has developed relationships with local business owners.

Resources for Seniors
As a previous member and treasurer of the Resources for Seniors, Diana was able to work with the senior population by providing medical services which
improve their health while concurrently addressing other life matters with the professionals of Resources for Seniors who addressed all aspects of aging.  

National Association of Professional Women
Diana was also a member of the National Association of Professional Women an exclusive network of professional women. The NAPW supports and
endorses a diverse syndicate of charities and nonprofit organizations focused on womenís issues and child wellness including St Jude ChildrenĎs Research
Center, The Ronald McDonald House, Make a Wish Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Partnership for Women
and Families, Inc.


Diana and The Marlborough Wellness Center donate to Marlborough Community Services in an effort to reduce hunger in our local community and bring
good will to those in need.  Diana also donates to Project Bread and March Of Dimes.

Dianaís love for people, health and vitality initiated a deep interest in the study of medicine in general and specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her
caring nature extends to her patients, the community and the world through actions taken within her practice and life.  Diana provides an opportunity for
those in medical need to benefit from the growing field of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the use of Acupuncture, laser acupuncture, Chinese herbal
medicine, Chinese massage and nutrition.   
Education and clinical internships

Diana Fernandes Lic. Ac., M.A.O.M. received her Master's in Oriental Medicine, studying acupuncture and Chinese
herbal medicine, from the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, MA. The New England School of
Acupuncture is the oldest school of Oriental medicine in the country and is reputable for its dynamic academic
curriculum. This clinically based school provided the opportunity to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine at Boston
Medical Center, Shattuck Hospital, various community health centers throughout Boston and its own Traditional
Chinese medical center. Diana received her Bachelor's at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth where she
was able to initiate her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
About Clinics

Marlborough Wellness Center (MWC)

Since 2005, The Marlborough Wellness Center (MWC) has been providing therapies to improve your health
and well-being through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - massage and bodywork therapies.

Practitioners of this group practice include: Diana Fernandes Lic, Ac., M.A.O.M.,
Julie Dalbec Lic, Ac., M.A.O.M., OTL, Judy Shields LMT, RN, Hilary Athame LMT and
Doreen Carlisle LMT. 

This facility offers a relaxing setting most conducive to getting well.   

MWC is conveniently located .5 miles from downtown Marlborough and 1 mile off of Route 495. 

Massage therapy offered at MWC works with soft tissue of the body.  Benefits of massage therapy include
relaxing the body and calming the nervous system, loosening tight muscles, recovery from injuries, increasing
range of motion and flexibility and strengthening the immune system.  Types of massage at the MWC include
Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic, trigger point therapy and prenatal.
MWC also offers bodywork therapies including polarity therapy, a system that employs reflexology, energetic
touch and clearing techniques to deeply relax and rejuvenate each client.  Other bodywork includes reiki and
Location: 14A Winthrop St. Marlborough, MA 01752

Website: MarlboroughWellnessCenter.com

Appointments are available:
Monday and Wednesday day and evening from 8 am to 7 pm
Friday day from 8 am to 3 pm    

Metrowest Wellness Center (MWWC)

The Metrowest Wellness Center, a biomedical facility of Metrowest Medical Center, has incorporated
alternative therapies as part of its dynamic treatment options. MWWC is affiliated with Framingham Union
Hospital and Leonard Morse Hospital. 

In addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, MWWC offers physical therapy, occupational
therapy, hand and speech therapy, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy.  MWWC also provides
mammography and MRIs. 

This facility offers a biomedical approach where patients can receive much of their rehabilitative care in one

MWWC is conveniently located on RTE 9 westbound in Framingham, MA easily accessible from Mass Pike.

Location: 761 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701

Website: http://www.MWMC.com

Appointments are available: Tuesdays: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


(978) 473-9393
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